6 Signs That Tell You That It’s It’s Time To Schedule An Eye Test With Your Optometrist

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Now, we need you to be honest with us – when was the last time you booked an eye test with your Optometrist? If you’re here, then you may not want to admit that it’s been so long that your optometrist would not recognise you if you passed each other on the street.


It’s understandable that you might have put off the appointment, our lives are so very busy nowadays, but regular eye tests are more important than you may realise.


Here are 6 sure signs that tell you that you need to book that eye test! Do any of these sound familiar?


Don’t hesitate, book now!


Why Are Eye Tests Important?


All optometrists encourage clients to come in for regular eye exams, and we don’t do that because we want to sell glasses. We do it because the health of your eye can change in six months to a year, and if it is a serious health concern, then we need to catch it early on.


Testing = Early Detection = Prevention Of Vision Loss. 


Let’s look at the six signs.


It’s quick. Pop in for a test.


Sign #1 – Vision Changes


If your arms are not long enough to hold your book or the book is so close that you’re fogging up the kindle, then you need an eye test. Deteriorating vision will have an impact on your quality of life, sports, hobbies and other small but helpful things like removing a splinter.


In addition to diagnosing shortsightedness or farsightedness, your optometrist can also check for astigmatism, visual fields, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. Eye diseases can lead to blindness, so early diagnosis is critical.


Sign #2 – You Couldn’t Answer Our Opening Question


If you couldn’t answer the opening question about when your last eye test was, then that is a definite sign that it is not only needed but probably overdue. It is best for your eye health and quality of life if you stick to annual checkups with your optometrist unless you are asked to come in every six months to monitor a potential condition.


Sign #3 – Aching Head & Eyes


Like most things in your body, if you strain your eyes, they will ache. What’s more, it can lead to headaches or, in some cases, migraines. If your headaches seem to cluster around the front of your head or near your eyes or around your temples, there is a good chance that your eyes are battling to get their work done.


Headaches aren’t critical, but they can affect productivity and quality of life.


Don’t suffer; come in for a quick test


Sign #4 – Dry Eyes


Our digitally-dominated worlds have had a knock-on effect, and more and more people are battling with dry eyes. Hours of screen time will do that, but sometimes it’s more. If you regularly battle with dry eyes, pop in to see your optometrist – there may be a super simple solution.


Dry eyes can be screen-related, age-related or related to other conditions, but you don’t need to battle with it. We have a niche Dry Eye Treatment that has great relief. Pop in, and let’s sort it out now.


Sign #5 – Night Driving Challenges


Has night driving become uncomfortable? This might be because your eyes are now finding it difficult to see different levels of light. It could make reading signs a challenge or cause blurred vision when headlights come towards you. Both of these are dangerous results.


Drive over to us, and let’s sort out your night driving fast.


Sign # 6 – A Medical Condition


Your eye health can be affected by diverse medical conditions, and these include:


  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Thyroid dysfunction, e.g. goiter
  • Strokes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis


Your eyes often show signs of ill health in other areas of your body.


Your eyes are the windows into your health.


Let’s take a look!