Devices Really Affect Our Eyes

In the light spectrum, blue light (around 500nm), has the most harmful effects on the eyes. This blue light is emitted from digital devices. Let’s face it, we live in a world of digital technology. Kids want to watch Peppa Pig on their tablets, Teenagers want to watch YouTube on their smartphones, Adults have to meet their deadlines using their laptops, Grandparents want to play Candy Crush on their computers and of course, Grandmas can’t miss out on their daily soapies on TV. Whatever your age, we all rely on digital technology in our daily lifestyles. 


Anti Blue Light Glasses
At least 4 of them are protected. Better than zero right?
These devices are now the leading cause of eye strain. But the great news is that this eye strain is easily treated! We have so many patients tell us that they can see hundreds of meters away but when they sit down and use their devices, they experience tired eyes. Some patients get migraines and spends thousands of rands on medication to alleviate those symptoms. I have ONE suggestion – Get your eyes tested! You will need a Blue Control coating.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Get your whole family protected against blue light from digital devices!


Blue control is a coating that is baked onto your lenses. It drastically reduces digital glare and improves on eye strain. It also blocks out 100% of harmful UV light.

Ever felt “blinded”by the oncoming headlights at night? Blue control lenses also reduce glare from the LED’s of cars headlights. That light can be so uncomfortable, you have to think about what was in that glass of wine you had the night before.

Do you struggle to sleep at night? Blue light from digital devices affect the release of melatonin in our eyes and this affects our sleeping patterns. Blue control coatings ultimately improve your sleeping patterns.


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