Eyezen Start: The Smart Solution To Outdated Single Vision Optical Lenses

Have you wondered when your optical lenses will catch up to your modern lifestyle? We are happy to announce that the day you have been waiting for is finally here! At Twenty 20 Vision, we have pioneered an approach of early adoption of new technologies that can increase the quality of life for our patients, and the Eyezen Start accommodative support lens is exactly the type of innovation that we are proud to uphold. 


In this article, we unpack the Eyezen Start lens to introduce to our patients the changes and adaptations that optical lenses are dynamically incorporating. Take a look at this short video that explains it in a bit more detail:


What Does The Eyezen Start Optical Lens Have To Offer?

The Eyezen Start optical lens uses modern technology that supports a modern lifestyle. Not only does it address the fact that your single vision optical lenses require your eyes to strain in order to see distant objects clearly through the periphery of the lens or to see near objects clearly, but it offers a way to get exactly the prescription you need. It even offers protection against harmful blue light emitted by our devices ‒ a staple in the modern lifestyle. The Eyezen Start lens uses W.A.V.E. Technology (Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement) to provide an increase in sharpness, colour contrast, and vivid details in your vision

Eyezen Start lenses work by using two optimisation points (Eyezen Dualoptim) compared to only a single optimisation point in standard single vision lenses. This means that your lenses give you two different focus points for far and near vision. Talk about a tailor-made optical lens!

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Advantages Of Choosing The Eyezen Start Optical Lens

If you were to make the change to Eyezen Start, you could enjoy the following benefits:

  • A more comfortable vision experience
  • Sharper and clearer vision through accommodative support
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Protection against harmful blue light
  • Less visual fatigue and associated issues which in turn leads to less tiredness daily

Who benefits from these lenses?

  • All children with very minor to severe eye prescriptions
  • All adults under 40 years old. Older adults have other similar solutions to accommodate their specific vision problems

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