How Glare & UV Light Affect Your Vision


Anyone who is sensitive to Light & Glare can get rid of these disturbances by using Polarised & Anti-Glare Lenses because these lenses absorb reflections, Block out UVA & UVB Light, and decreases the Blue Light from digital devices

Sometimes in the morning or afternoon drive home from work, the sun is so low that it feels like you’re driving straight into it. You look slightly away from it, adjust your visor hoping that it will miraculously extend a bit more this one time, or you hold your one hand up (for as long as you can) in a somewhat futile attempt to block it out.

Your eyes start tearing/ paining, and you screw them up as a reflex, to protect them a bit. And then the headache begins. You get home exhausted, more from the drive home than your hectic day.

What about Glare! You’re sitting at work or in a restaurant and suddenly a sharp ray of light hits your face. It’s only the reflections of a car or the aluminium in a shop window, but you get a sharp pain in your eyes. The glare from oncoming headlights is the worst! That can be so blinding that it sometimes makes you feel that you shouldn’t be driving at night for safety reasons. I know these problems all too well, because most of us have them.

Dip-tinted Lenses do not block out all UVA & UVB light which is the most disturbing. Unfortunately, this tint is used by most Sunglass manufacturers. Polarised lenses block out all harmful UVA & UVB light, and it has a matrix that blocks out most glare. These lenses are so awesome, that you can feel the tension easing in your eyes the moment you put them on.

Premium anti-glare coatings not only eliminate almost all glare, but also have a dust, water, and scratch repellent.

Polarised & anti-glare coatings will make your eye vision comfortable and clear, decreasing strain and headaches. I sometimes wonder why we choose to live in discomfort daily, when some of these issues can be so easily fixed. Can we afford to lose time having headaches, in our busy schedules?

My husband had severe glare issues with sunlight and reflections. I prescribed polarised sunglasses. He will never wear non-polarised lenses again. I also prescribed a Premium anti-glare coating on his glasses. This coating is great for reducing blue light entering the eyes. Blue light glasses come from all digital devices including cell phones, computers, tablets etc. Blue Light can be damaging to your retina and affects the release of melatonin which has a role in our sleep patterns.


This is what he has to say about these lenses:

Polarised Sunglasses:

“I never leave home without my Polaroid glasses, even during my stays in the dull, grey, cloudy skies of Germany, the blinding snow, misty drives through Van Reenan’s pass, with my fog lights on, during and just after sunsets in Joburg, and if I didn’t feel self-conscious I would wear it in doors in malls and at work in some occasions and without a doubt outdoors in sunny S.A

Very calming effect on my eyes and exaggerates the natural colours.


“Always on when on my computer, watching PowerPoint presentations, TV, Ipad and on my phone. I feel the strain without my anti-glare lenses…the blue control makes everything crisp and clear, like watching a movie in HD. I used to severe insomnia for the past 10 years, and now my sleeping patterns have greatly improved. Love it.”

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