Introducing The Varilux X: The Premium Multifocal Lens

Multifocal Lens

Modern life is busy and dynamic, with many of us finding that we constantly need to switch between tasks both near, intermediate and far every few minutes throughout the day. However, the things that matter most tend to happen within arm’s reach.


All day long, we’re either using our phones, reading, watching television, making food, driving, perusing items at the shop or spending time socializing or in meetings. All of these tasks require varying degrees of sight at different distances ‒ although the majority of it happens within arm’s reach.


You don’t want to constantly switch your glasses for every task, so multifocal lenses, also known as progressive lenses, are a great option. However, progressive lenses vary widely in quality.


Introducing the Varilux X, the latest and most advanced progressive lens technology yet in the renowned and highly sought-after Varilux range.


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What Makes The Varilux X So Special?



Did you know that one out of every two multifocal lenses worn around the world is Varilux lenses? However, of the millions of Varilux progressive lenses in the world and the numerous Varilux models available, there is one model that is superior to them all.


Varilux X is the pinnacle of progressive lens technology and is easily the best on the market. It is the proverbial Ferrari of progressive lenses, made with precision and manufactured to the highest quality standards.


Varilux X lenses are powered by the revolutionary new Xtend technology, which allows wearers to have clear vision and unparalleled focus at a variety of distances through the intermediate and near zones of the lens.


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Why Varilux X?


While Varilux X lenses are a little more pricey, you get what you pay for. For those who are over 40 and have issues with reading and viewing objects clearly within arm’s reach, this lens option is ideal because it adds a great deal of flexibility to one’s lifestyle at a period in one’s life when things might be getting harder to do than they used to be.


Varilux X provides relief and comfort because it doesn’t require extensive head movements to get the right angle, as is common with other multifocal lenses. This is because the field of view in the lenses is wider and creates minimal distortion along the sides ‒ unlike cheaper lenses.


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