Optometrist Orders: Have Your Backup Glasses Handy

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Sitting in traffic, running to the grocery store, managing work, or even fetching your kids from their after-school music lessons can all be daily stressors. And unfortunately, unexpected life events happen. This can result in losing or damaging your current pair of glasses specials, which can be an unnecessary and frustrating addition to your already busy schedule. Trying to find time to book an appointment with your local optometrist in Roodepoort in between it all, can be exhausting.

At Twenty 20 Vision, we understand that it’s extremely inconvenient, so here are some reasons why you should always have a pair of your backup glasses on standby.

Inevitable Accidents

Regardless of how careful you are with your glasses, accidents do and will happen. Whether it’s a tumble in the garden, slipping while walking up a staircase, or even a minor car collision, glasses are susceptible to damage. Having a backup pair will allow you some time to book an appointment with your usual optometrist instead of rushing to a professional you have never been to before.

Busy Bodies

Depending on how active you are, having another pair of glasses is a good idea. If you are frequently going on hikes or biking around on the weekends, another pair can ensure you can see with no issues. If you wear contacts, this is ideal as you do not need to stress about your eyes drying out with excessive wear.

Pesky Infections 

Regular contact lens wearers know that infections can come up from time to time, even with proper eye hygiene. Backup glasses are beneficial in this scenario, as you may have to use them while the infection clears up. Even after making an appointment with us, we’ll agree that wearing your backup pair is the best solution for the time being.

Lazing Around 

We tend to let our guard down when we go on holiday. And our glasses can be unintentionally damaged with strenuous activities we partake in. Taking your backup glasses can be a sensible decision to ensure that your current pair is safely tucked away at home, just in case.

Twenty 20 Vision always encourages you to consider more than one pair for convenience and hassle-free swapping when needed. We offer affordable options, friendly service, and an expert team ready to assist you. Once you book an appointment with us, the leading optometrist in Roodepoort, remember to ask us for backup glasses as well.