Reading Glasses? Definitely Not the First Choice!

Reading Glasses

Why Multifocals Rock!

We’ve made a fun video on this topic, so be sure to scroll down and watch it!

I’m practicing Optometry for 20 years. That’s an oxymoron, right? How can I still be practicing after 20 years! Anyway, the thing that really makes me unhappy, is people wearing reading glasses. Patients come in saying that they have really good distance vision, but only have a problem reading. This could be an absolutely True statement, but reading glasses is still not the answer!

This is why:


1. Reading glasses only allows you to see clearly at about 40-60cm, so when you look up everything is blurred. So, you will notice, people pushing their glasses to the tip of their noses and peering over them. Not the most fashionable look either, besides the inconvenience.


2. And what about when you’re out shopping? You can’t wear reading glasses all the time, ‘cos you’ll most likely trip over yourself. So, you need to get a spectacle cord and hang your glasses around your neck, then put it on to look at the prices, and take it off again to walk. What a pain!


3. When your phone beeps, again, on & off with the glasses.


4. You need a few pairs because you keep leaving them everywhere, so you end up buying those cheap, off the shelf glasses that gives you headaches.


In our multi-tasking lifestyles, we are constantly looking at our phones & computers, chatting with people, walking around and so on, especially in the workplace. It is terribly impractical to wear reading glasses.

I have 20/20 vision. Yep, there’s a pun there. And I’ve crossed over the 40 line. Eish! And I got to a point where I couldn’t ignore the reading issues I was having. I finally succumbed (under the constant nagging of my P.A Steph), to getting glasses. Reading glasses didn’t even cross my mind. I got myself a pair of super cool multifocals and I am thankful for them every day.

Multifocals take some getting used to, no doubt. I’d be lying if I said they didn’t. But, if you use them every day, the whole day, for a week, you will get used to them. If you don’t, we’ll change them back to the glasses you were using before. But, you will if you do as I say and persist with them. I personally got used to them in 3 days, and that’s without ever wearing glasses before.

These are the advantages:


1. You can see at all distances clearly, just by mildly moving your chin to find the right spot.


2. You can use the glasses the whole day, so you won’t lose them easily.


3. They are the lenses that most resemble the way our eyes work naturally.


Multifocals have distortion on the sides, because of the optics. I’m not going give you details about that, ‘cos it’s pretty boring. But, with technology today they are making awesome lenses that have less & less distortion, giving you better & wider vision.

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Here are some pictures of how these lenses vary:

Liberty Vision Comparison

Comfort Vision Comparison

Physio Vision comparison

S-Series Vision comparison