Summer Safety Eye Care Practices


Summer has well and truly crept up on us while we still shake off our winter inertia. It is full-time outdoor time for hobbies, tasks, socialising and exercising. As we all know, it is also time for full-time sun protection, which does not only refer to your skin. You must also protect your eyes!


As Gauteng’s top Eye Care Optometry practice & Contact Lens Practitioner, we are here to remind you of the essential summer care practices for your beautiful eyes and to schedule your yearly eye appointment. We hope these tips will help you have the best summer yet! 


Go Stylish 


Summer is the time to put on those stylish new sunglasses you have bought. You should wear your sunnies year round because UV is always present, but in summer, it is a particularly urgent need. Choose lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection and polarization.  


Avoid The Burn 


Did you know that you can sunburn (photokeratitis) your eyes? Most people do not know this can happen, nor that it is very damaging to our eyesight. The common cause is sunlight reflected off surfaces like water, snow, metal, sand, etc. Polarized lenses are particularly helpful with this. 


Moisturise Those Beauties 


Most people battle with dry eyes in summer because of the obvious heat factor, air-conditioned interiors and fans or wind exacerbating moisture evaporation. These factors diminish the tear film and significantly increase the risk of eye burn. Keep a tiny bottle of moisturising eye drops on hand throughout the summer. Better yet, book your dry eye treatments with us. We have a niche, thorough way of treating Dry Eye Syndrome. 


Contact us today to get your free dry eye treatment and a free pair of glasses with your next purchase! 


Contact Lens Caution 


Do not swim with contact lenses 🚫!!! If you need visual assistance whilst swimming invest in prescription goggles. Using contact lenses whilst swimming can lead to serious eye infections. 


Protection Equipment 


Summer is a busy time for hobbies, gardening, and other property-enhancing tasks. It is important that you wear protective goggles during these activities. If you were doing these tasks for work, you would be wearing goggles, so give yourself the same protection when DIYing. Get them from affordable protective equipment suppliers like Pienaar Brothers in Wadeville. You can either get prescription goggles from your optometrist, or wear contact lenses with non-prescription goggles.  


Anti Blue Light Glasses 


Your eyes take a beating during summer, so help reduce the risk of eyestrain by being a little stricter with the amount of digital screen time you have. Anti-blue light glasses help reduce the strain on your eyes, taking breaks (5 minutes) from the screen every 30 mins and looking into the distance. 


Get Your Eyes Checked 

People see their doctors regularly throughout their lives but seldom think to have their eyes checked regularly. Catching eye problems early makes the world of difference to treatments and results. Even if you do not need prescription glasses, you should still be checking on the health of your eyes on an annual basis. 


Book an eye appointment at Twenty 20 Vision today to set your eyes up for a clear future with anti-blue light glasses!