What Eye Examinations Can Reveal About Your Overall Health

Booking a regular checkup with your trusted GP gives your doctor the chance to catch anything harmful early. But did you know that eye examinations can also reveal health concerns? The sooner health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes are identified by doctors ‒ and even your optometrist ‒ the sooner they can be managed and treated. 

Our team at Twenty 20 Vision, your optometrist in Roodepoort, shares why getting regular eye examinations is good for not only your eye health but the rest of your body, too!  

Catching Heart Disease Early

After conducting an eye examination, we will be able to notice the signs of high cholesterol or heart disease if the signs are present in your eyes. Catching these diseases early ensures that you can make the lifestyle changes needed to limit the effects of the disease. Plus, you’ll be able to go to your doctor and get any interventional medical help you need before it gets out of hand. 


Noticing The Signs Of Diabetes

Similarly, we will also be able to identify the warning signs of diabetes after your eye examination. When diabetes is diagnosed early on, it is much more likely that your medical team will be able to help you manage it and even reverse it by making changes to your diet and exercise habits. 


Getting Ahead Of Sleep Apnea

Another condition that our eye examinations can reveal is sleep apnea. When you catch this early with our help, you’ll be in a better position to seek professional assistance and ultimately win back some much-needed quality sleep. 


Detecting Abnormal Thyroid Levels

A regular eye examination can also help our optometrists notice the signs of thyroid problems in their early stages. Many people, particularly women, have thyroid issues without knowing about them. Seeking medical attention once you know that you may have a thyroid problem can significantly help to reduce the effects of the issues, including weight gain, low energy levels, and mood swings. 

By getting an eye examination, you are not only ensuring that your eyes are in peak health but that the rest of your body is, too. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment online today and rest easy knowing that your eyes ‒ and overall health ‒ have been checked by professionals. 

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