Why Sunglasses Are Essential


If you are an outdoorsy person and wear prescription glasses, then you may be opting to wear your ‘seeing’ glasses instead of sunglasses. While you think you’re fine with these prescription glasses, a comprehensive eye test will reveal that harsh UV rays are damaging your sight. 

And if you don’t wear prescription glasses and are still not wearing sunglasses…well, you might start needing prescriptions sooner than you planned.

Keep reading to learn why sunglasses are not only important but essential.

Prescription Sunnies

Prescription sunglasses come in various formats, but we recommend polarized sunglass lenses. The polarization adds a valuable extra layer of protection from glare and UV. 

Did you know that UV rays still damage your skin and eyes on a cloudy day? The UV-A rays are the biggest culprits, damaging your central vision and the macula (in the retina). Next, the UV-B rays have a negative effect on the cornea and lens. 

Long-term exposure can cause:

  • Cataracts – Break down of protein in your eye, which causes cloudy blotches to appear and eventually cover your whole lens.
  • Pterygium – Non-cancerous growths. 
  • Skin cancer around the eyes  – Pterygiums and skin cancer can be picked up early during your annual comprehensive eye test.
  • Photokeratitis – Sunburn of the cornea from short-term exposure to high-intensity UV-B rays. Temporary blindness can occur.
  • Pinguecula – Yellowish growth between the inner corner and the centre of the eye. 


The Return On Investment Of Prescription Sunglasses

Most people hesitate to purchase prescription sunglasses as they do not want to spend the extra money. But what is the value of your eyesight?

At Twenty 20 Vision we give away Free Prescription Sunglasses when you buy your first pair with an anti-glare coating. You can even upgrade your freebies to polarized lenses at a very reduced price. 

Book a comprehensive eye test today!

What Will You Experience With Sunglasses?

Those who do invest in them are delighted to discover the immense comfort they experience from their prescription sunglasses. Only as a wearer do you realize how much you have been straining your eyes while walking your dog, shopping in the open-air market, driving, etc.

Prescription sunglasses are not only for glaring sunlight; they help with light sensitivity, reducing headaches and bright, undercover scenarios, e.g. sitting on a particular bright patio. 

Polarized Sunnies

If you do not need prescription lenses, you can choose a “plain” lens, but we recommend choosing polarized lenses. They give a significant benefit in reducing your eyes to UV exposure. Polarization splits the light via a pattern embedded in the lens and blocks out more light. 

Whether you need prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, always choose quality polarized options and be careful of fakes. If something is super cheap, there is usually a reason why!

What Will You Experience With Polarization?

A polarized prescription or non-prescription lens will give you clearer vision in high-light scenarios, enhance contrast and provide a minimal change of colour perception. You will also enjoy less glare, less strain from piercing reflections, and significantly reduced eye strain. 

Seeing Into The Future

We can guarantee that your future eyes will be much happier if they have been protected all their lives with prescription or non-prescription sunglasses ‒ especially polarized ones! Pop in to SEE us today and let’s find a pair that matches your unique style and your budget.

Book a comprehensive eye test at Twenty20 Vision today and choose your sunglasses together!