How To Make Sense of Your Reading Glasses Prescription

If words on the page or on the screen suddenly appear blurry, it may be a sign that you need prescription eyeglasses for reading. As you age, the need for reading glasses may arise because your eyes are changing.

But there’s no need to give up on your favourite pastime just yet because over-the-counter reading glasses are available, and so is professional help from your nearest optometrist. In this blog, we help you make sense of your reading glasses prescription.

Why Are Reading Glasses Necessary?

With age, it’s normal for the muscles in the eyes to weaken, and you may need a little help to see small letters clearly. Whether you are reading books, music sheets, or words on a computer screen, reading glasses can help magnify the letters, making the reading process more comfortable.

Ignoring your difficulty with reading is not advisable because this can cause severe eye strain and the problem can worsen over time. There’s nothing to fear about having to use prescription eyeglasses for reading. In fact, it can be fun and stylish! By getting an eye test done from your local optometrist, you can start enjoying reading again with ease while maintaining optimal eye health.


Choosing the Right Reading Glasses

The good news is that reading glasses can be easily obtained, and you don’t need a formal prescription to buy a pair over the counter. However, you may have some difficulty understanding the prescriptions in order to pick the right strength for your eyes.

Reading glasses strength is measured in diopters, ranging from about +0.25 to +2.75. People in their 40s usually require the lower range, and people above 60 need a stronger prescription. If you require a different strength for each eye, you may need to have custom reading glasses prepared by your optometrist.

While ready-made glasses provide a quick solution, they don’t always work for everyone. If in doubt, the best option is to book an eye test and ask your optometrist to recommend the most suitable prescription eyeglasses for your reading needs.

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