What’s the fuss about Polarised lenses?

Polarised Lenses

So what are Polarised Lenses?

You are driving home after work and you are using your cool tinted sunglasses. The sun is striking so badly onto your eyes, you feel like you want to just shut your eyes for a few seconds. You lower your car’s sun visor and try and hide behind it. You feel uncomfortable and probably wished you had stayed at work a little longer to avoid this strong sun……Sounds familiar

Have you ever heard about Polarised Lenses?

These are permanently tinted sunglasses that offer premium glare protection and optimal eye comfort. That’s right, no more squinting your eyes in the sunlight and causing unnecessary facial wrinkles.

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Non-Polarised vs. Polarised Lenses

It’s also great in reducing glare reflecting off water surfaces. So Fishermen, there’s no more excuses, Polarised lenses are here.

Interesting fact if you’re a pilot. Pilots are trained not to use polarised lenses whilst flying. If a pilot uses it to fly, he will not be able to see as the both polarised filters will block each other out and it will have a blacked out effect.

This coating is also great in reducing glare off snow. So next time you decide to ski on the beautiful Alps of Switzerland, invest in a good pair of polarised sunglasses.

Polarised lenses are the future, the future is here. Take advantage of our polarised coatings!