When To Take Advantage Of Glasses Specials

Specials glasses

Millions of South Africans wear glasses for different reasons. But at times, this common visual aid can be pricey, which is why being aware of glasses specials is most beneficial to you and your pocket! 

Optometrists around the country have promotions running throughout the year for different services related to glasses. These often include generous discounts on eye tests, frames, repairs and more. If you’ve been having trouble deciding which glasses specials to use and when, keep reading as we help you decide. And remember to book your appointment as soon as possible!

Contact Lenses & Glasses Combo 

For lens lovers, this deal is for you. Since contact lenses need to be replaced regularly, the cost can quickly add up. Look out for deals that offer free contact lenses when you order a pair of prescription glasses or something similar, and enjoy having a few more rands left to spare.


Free Lens Coatings 

When you know it’s time for your next eye test, it would be a good idea to wait for one of those glasses specials that offer you a free lens coating, like anti-glare or free tints, with each new pair of prescription glasses. Other deals may offer a significant discount on your glasses when you book an eye test. Either way, this is a favourite to look out for as it’s practical and ever so necessary.

New Frame, New Style!

Sometimes, when the mood strikes, a new frame is in order, and this is a great time to take advantage of specials on glasses frames. Deals can differ from discounted frames to buy one, get one free deals. This is a perfect opportunity to switch up your look, try something new and get a frame (or two) you really love at a price that is easy on your bank balance. There are many benefits to 2 pairs of glasses, not only for a new look but also for great vision options to make your life more comfortable. 

Need Glasses Repairs? Check The Glasses Specials

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and when reality bites, the results are often not pretty for your glasses. Broken, bent or cracked glasses are a nightmare for anyone depending on them for clear vision. When this happens, it’s time to check your local optique optometrist for specials on glasses repairs. You can save heaps of money this way and walk away with newly fixed glasses ‒ not to mention a huge sense of relief.

Check out our amazing glasses specials at Twenty 20 Vision, such as the buy one, get two free deal and more. From discounts on frames, eye tests, contact lenses and so much more, we give you more value for your buck. Contact us here to find out more.